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Installation Services
Installation Services

Making Dreams Come To Life

When it comes to installing your new cabin there are a few options worth considering. firstly if you have the tools and the skills, Or if it may be the perfect project for you to undertake yourself. If all this is not something you are comfortable with then our expert fitters are always on hand to create the cabin of your dreams for you.

Our Service

We offer a full install procedure with all of our standard and bespoke cabins. Our highly trained installers will ensure that your new investment is placed neatly beside the area for the build and is fitted to factory standards with all storm bars and treaded corner rods fitted in accordance with the supplied factory plans for your new cabin. All our cabins are sealed from the elements by our experienced team ensuring a perfect flawless finish that will last for many years to come. Once your cabin is installed and our work is completed we snag over all elements of the build to make certain that your new cabin is up to the standard you expect and only when all of this is completed and signed off on by you is it deemed ready for handover. It is then backed by our extensive 5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind while you relax in the comfort of your new addition to your home or garden.


Cabin insulation is a big factor in heat retention and should be paramount with any cabin install if it is decided that you want this option. We only use twin foiled PIR rigid insulation boards to achieve the highest level of heat retention with our cabins. Our Knowledgable staff will advise you on the right choice for the cabin you require based on its intended usage.

Windows & Doors

When it comes to the doors and windows chosen for your cabin it is crucial during the install process that these are set level and plumb and bedded in expanding foam once placement is finalised this keeps the frames and structure of the doors and window in tact while keeping out drafts around the openings before they are internally trimmed out.We use expanding foam on all our cabin installations as a standard practice as it acts as an insulation and firming aid ensuring minimal movement over time from use of windows and doors.

Cabin Base

The base of a log cabin is the most important part of any log cabin build and should be a flat area that is minimum of 2″ above the ground and level. You can choose  a concrete slab, paving, timber frame, decking or 4″ blocks. Damp course in the form of heavy gauge plastic can be used before the installation of your cabin creating a vapour barrier beneath the floor area. The best and most reliable base for a cabin is the concrete slab as it offers the very best form of support to both the cabin and insulation within the floor of your cabin. Over time pads can sink and the end result is a leaking cabin. We highly recommend a concrete slab base for any and all log cabin installs. Our proffesional grounds team can handle all of this if required. please consult with our representative as to the best solution for your particular situation.

Site Survey

Not sure about what type cabin you require or the placement within your garden? We offer a full free site survey with no obligation. 


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Our mission is to provide our Customers with top quality Log Cabins and Garden Rooms that last a lifetime and have a modern, contemporary look and feel.
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