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Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly Instructions For Summer Houses

Most of our cabins can be installed by the cabin owner as a DIY project. It would usually take 1-3 days depending on the size of the cabin and the skills and tools available. It would generally require two adults to install a log cabin.

It is crucial that you obtain the necessary planning permission and build your cabin on a flat and level surface. This may be a perfect DIY project for the new owner or it may suit better to have our professional fitters look after the assembly.

For the majority of our log house we provide assembly instructions, detailing all key aspects of the installation. You will also receive a detailed product manual specific to the cabin you have purchased. Please fell free to contact us with any questions, queries or issues in relation to the assembly of your new log cabin. All fixings are included for the assmbly of your cabin.

We have one of the best choice of high quality garden log cabin in Northern Ireland.

Modern Log Cabins

If you are looking for traditional summer garden buildings, you can be sure you will find many great options in our selection. But if you are after something slightly different, check out our special choice in the Contemporary Garden Rooms section, especially if you are into buying a garden office shed or a hobby room with plenty of light.

Log Cabins for Gardens with the Right Wall Thickness

Any large log cabin with walls that are thin: (i.e., 20 to 28 mm thick) are not stable and durable. On the other hand, a small 6 m² wooden garden shed does not require 70 mm walls. That is just wasting wood and money. Our Garden summer house engineers calculate the best possible and most reasonable wall thickness for all our wooden garden buildings.
Garden log cabins with a 28 mm wall thickness are usually large tool sheds or small garden rooms up to 10 m² in area. For the most popular, medium-sized garden summer houses and garden offices (8 to 20 m²), we use 44 mm wall thickness. Big garden log cabins usually come with 70-mm thick walls.

Garden Log Cabins for Special Use

Special use garden log cabins such as: timber garages and wooden carports are easy to find in appropriate categories in our extensive collection.

Cabin Treatment

All our cabins are untreated and can be treated prior to fitting or receiving delivery of your new cabin. We offer many different colours and types of finish so it is best to discuss with our team the type of finish you desire when enquiring about one of our log cabins.

Doors & Windows

At Right Price Log Cabins, we are delighted to introduce our line of Premium Grade residential windows and doors. These are solely exclusive to us and are now available as an option on all our cabins. Customers will now be able to choose from a range of options like Tempered Glass, Argon Gas Filled, 18mm Double or Triple glazed units.

Our new premium range offers you the ability to choose an outward opening window which means you won’t loose wall space inside the cabin from an inward opening window. All doors and windows have multi point locking and double gasket sealing systems that are constructed from finger jointed Gluelam Timber which can be ordered in Pine, Oak, Teak, And Alu Clad wrapped finish.

Typical window U-Value from 1.1 to 0.73 in our triple glazed units. 

They are available in a number of standard RAL colours and pre finished at the factory to the highest standard in the colour of your choice.



At Right Price Log Cabins we believe in offering the highest quality Log Cabins at the very best prices.

Roof Materials

Your cabin comes with felt roofing membrane as standard. We offer different roof material finishes including shingles or metal cladding please consult with our sales team in relation to your requirements.

Cabin Base.

The base should be a flat area that is approx. 2″ above the ground and level. In general log cabins do not exert tremendous loading on to the base. The weight of the building tends to be distributed over a great length of perimeter wall. The majority of the foundation is actually supporting the floor alone plus the contents of the cabin, so very often the base is somewhat overkill for the internal loadings.

The best base is a concrete slab which is poured onto good sound ground or well compacted hardcore. The slab should be larger than the building by approx. 100 mm on all sides. It should be laid 100 mm thick or 100-150mm if the ground is undulating. Generally it is not necessary to include reinforcing mesh unless the slab is large and there is a risk of cracking.

Alternatively the log cabin can quite happily sit on an area of concrete paving stones providing they themselves are supported on hard core or very sound ground. This does not tend to be a cost effective solution for large areas where the project becomes too labour intensive.

Thermal Factors

An essential part of any bespoke cabin design or standard cabin design are the windows, doors and internal insulation used. The log thickness plays a vital part also in keeping a cabin warm without costing the earth with heating. For instance it may be worth knowing that for a log cabin to be fit for living in all year in Europe it needs a minimum wall thickness of 120mm. With that in mind it is not advisable to use 44mm log walls for all year round living (The minimum recommended would be 70mm for our climate).

Door and window manufacture play a big role, at Right Price Log Cabins we have three door and window options to choose from. The (Garden Range) for all 28mm and 40mm log cabins, these are single glazed with tilt and turn locking. (Garden +) these are all double glazed 3mx9mx3m for standard 44mm and 70mm buildings and also come with tilt and turn. The best choice is our (Premium Range) Double glazed 4m x 18m x 4m gas filled with German ROTO hardware which are available to order on all 70mm cabins as an add on.

Insulation comes in many forms and unless questioned, what type are you getting? Here at Right Price Log Cabins we only use a minimum of 50mm PIR rigid foiled sheet form insulation or thicker depending on customer requirements. This form of insulation has a very high thermal value and is guaranteed by us to keep your new log cabin warm and snug in any type of weather.

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