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Windows & Doors
Windows & Doors

  • PVC Range          


Our PVC windows and doors are produced from a mould made from high quality lead free uPVC. All our products are manufactured with welded corners and joints and reinforced for optimum frame strength. Our products are double-glazed for effective thermal and acoustic insulation. As Standard all PVC windows are BFRC Certified ‘A’ Rated and internally glazed at no extra costs. Western also provide super insulating, high performance windows with a u-value rating of 0.8W/m2K.

Retaining heat within log cabins is not only an owner’s priority, it is an environmental imperative. Our PVC window & door range ensures that a maximum level of heat is retained, a benefit that few of our competitors can offer.

  • 70mm frame depth
  • 5 chambered for better thermal performance
  • BFRC ‘A’ Rated Certified
  • Compact, high performing Surface Mounted vent with a thermal foam seal to all windows.
  • Slim sightlines with a low line grey gasket
  • Chamfered glazing beads
  • Wide range of colours – 44 wood grain and coloured finishes
  • High security multi-point locking
  • Internal beading for enhanced security
  • High impact, colourfast and lead-free PVCu profiles that are better for the environment
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  • Premium Range        


Our premium range of wooden and UPVC windows and doors are of the very highest quality and come with heavy duty hinges and multi point locking systems. The glazing is 4mm x 20mm x 4mm which are argon gas filled and they are made from Reinforced UPVC or finger jointed Pine. They also come in a range of RAL colours to match your existing home or give your cabin a custom look. This range are fully residential and can be used all year round without leaks and swelling issues. They offer a U-Value of approx 1.1 and can be ordered in many different sizes and dimensions.

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  • Plus Range      


The plus range are of good quality and come with multi point locking systems. Unlike the standard range these come with double rubber seals and can be used all year round but also are not fit for everyday heavy use or residential cabins. The life of them very much is dependant on use. They come with 3mm x 16mm x 3mm double glazing which is relatively good for avoiding heat loss. These are the most common windows that would come with 44mm and 70mm imported log cabins around Ireland.

  • Wood type: PINE
  • Laminated wood: YES
  • Glazing: DOUBLE 3/16/3 (4S/12/4S+AR)
  • Glass U-value: 2,7 (1,4) W/M²K
  • Silicon gascet: YES
  • Finishing: NO
  • Frame depth: 70MM
  • Door sill: METAL COVERED
  • Cross bars type: SCREWS/CLIPS
  • Locking system: 3 POINT LOCK
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  • Standard Range   


The standard range of doors and windows are designed for summer house’s and not all year round use. They have one external rubber seal and a single locking point. The handles are designed for light use, They come with light duty hinges and are single glazed which is not suitable for all year use. The windows have tilt and turn function which is operated by internal push in clasps.

  • Wood type: PINE
  • Laminated wood: NO
  • Glazing: GLASS 4MM
  • Glass U-value: 5,7 W/M²K
  • Silicon gascet: NO
  • Finishing: NO
  • Frame depth: 28-44MM
  • Door sill: WOOD
  • Cross bars type: SCREWS
  • Locking system: N/A TILT AND TURN/BOLTHINGES
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  • standard-window-1
  • standard-window-2
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